Whisky stave clock

Whisky stave clock

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A charming piece of whisky heritage, the clock can either be made unadorned or have an engraving such as initials, name or our stag. Please contact sales@stagdesign.co.uk if you require a more customised engraving, such as a logo or more text.

The whisky barrel wood is sanded and sealed to maintain the colour of the original. The clock requires 1 AA battery (not supplied). It is supplied with a hanger.

Please note that the whisky barrel wood will vary in colour and markings due to the natural ageing of the whisky in the oak cask. The charred side from the inside of the barrel but will not mark or flake.

Approximate sizes are approximately (small ) 280mm long or, (large full stave)  800-850mm long.

Prices include delivery.

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