About us

We are Stag Design, otherwise known as Team Stag. 

We are a family run company, based in Fife, Scotland. We love wood, we love stags but most of all we love making something personal for our customers that can be kept. The team has a combination of design, woodworking and engraving skills with personal service at its heart.

Our team has grown over the years, Julie is our founder and now we have Nick, Christina, Dan, Rab, James, Jane and Dominika joining the ranks, not forgetting our photogenic canine assistant: Archie. Meet the team here.

Our initial connection was with whisky distilleries in Scotland and the wonderful skill of the coopers (who make the casks that the whisky 'sleeps' in) inspired us to repurpose the oak from the barrels into beautiful engraved products. We continue to make our whisky wood range.

Over time we developed our skills in other materials and we have come to specialise in customised wedding items and gifts for all year round. We are passionate about sustainability and we do everything we can to reduce, re-use and repurpose. We believe that this can be achieved at the same time as creating products that will be cherished for years to come.

Please contact us with any questions regarding the personalisation of any gifts or products at stagdesign@stagdesign.co.uk.