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Labrador advent calendar

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e.g. Bella's advent or Woody
e.g. Bella's advent or Woody
e.g. Bella's advent or Woody
e.g. Bella's advent or Woody

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For all the labrador owners out there, this one is for you! 

The countdown to Christmas is on and as we know that your dogs are a big part of your family, they also deserve getting into the festive celebrations with their own bone advent calendar.  
Our new personalised labrador retriever advent calendar is made from oak board in a labrador shape. There is space for 24 little treats that you can fill it with whatever treat your pet prefers. We will supply enough twine to attach all the treats to the bone. 

Please write the name you would like engraved in the section above. 

Approximate size: 41.5cm length x 29.5cm long 

Each treat is secured in place using twine that can be adjusted to fit each treat. 

Please note treats are not included. 

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