Beer Cap UK Map

Beer Cap UK Map

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Our new beer cap UK map makes the perfect gift for all the beer lovers to display your beer caps and show your travels!

It makes an excellent gift for a friend, father, son, grandfather, godfather, Christmas present, birthday present or anyone who just LOVES beer. 

The design securely holds standard beer caps. The beer cap map has a hanger on the back of it to allow it to be hung onto the wall.  

This beer cap map comes in 2 sizes: medium and large. The medium holds 36 beer caps whereas the large holds 64 beer caps and can be personalised.  

For the large, please fill out the personalisation box above of what you would like engraved on the single beer cap and the position you would like it placed in the UK by selecting position 1 to 64.

Approximate size: Large = height 60cm maximum width 50cm

Medium = height x 44cm  width x 38cm 

Price includes delivery by courier

Please note, beer caps are not included, they are your choice.

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