Put a cork in it' frame

Put a cork in it' frame

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For those who hold on to corks, this frame will be the place to keep them safe because everyone needs to pop over a bottle and put a cork in it later. 

The slot will fit all beverage corks and caps such as wine, Champagne/prosecco corks or beer bottle caps.  The text is personalised on the front of the frame in black writing and they will all have a white background colour.

These stunning portrait frames make fantastic presents so if you would like it gift wrapped, we can do that too.

Suggested gift for a friend, family member your hosts or for special occasions such as birthdays, house warming, Christmas. Put A Cork In It Cork Saver Holder. 

Approximate size 285mm x 235mm and 60mm deep for black or white frames.

Price includes tracked postage to UK postcodes.

Please note that the bottle is not included.

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