NEW! Personalised engagement bottle box

NEW! Personalised engagement bottle box

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E.g. Rosie and Peter
e.g. 03|11|23
e.g. Congratulations on your engagement

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*Please note: does not include a bottle*
IIf you are looking for a present to mark an engagement or another special occasion, why not personalise a box and then add the bottle of your choice? This wooden bottle box comes with two first names, a date and a personalised message printed on the box. Once the receiver removes the bottle then the box can then be used to keep memorable corks inside.

On the front of the box, there is a slot for corks to fit through then you can have two first names printed as well as the engagement date. Underneath there is space for a congratulations message such as "Congratulations on your engagement". Please write in the notes section if you would like this or this or something different (and this does not have to include two names and date).

You front of the box is made from acrylic with black writing printed on the front.

These contemporary one-bottle pine wood wine boxes are made exclusively from sustainable sources and are FSC certified.

Designed to fit a standard bottle of wine, Prosecco or champagne with a maximum size 90 x 330mm.

Please note this does not include a bottle, which is your choice.

Suggested occasions: engagements, anniversaries, weddings, birthdays.

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