NEW! First toast cork saver memory box frame

NEW! First toast cork saver memory box frame

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A lovely way to save the memory of the first toast to the newly married couple. When the frame is received, the cork is tied easily with a discreet black ribbon and displayed in a deep frame.

A special keepsake of the first champagne or prosecco the couple popped once they were engaged or married.

Choose either a superb high quality finished black or a white frame. The design allows you to add two first names, a date such as the engagement date and a personalised bottom line e.g. Congratulations on your engagement. All text will be written in upper case. 

These frames can be engraved to remember any special celebration, just write the words in the Notes section at checkout or contact sales@stagdesign.co.uk

Approximate size 255mm x 255mm and 45mm deep for black or white finish frames.

1st class postage & packing included.

Suggested occasions: engagement, wedding, anniversary. 

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