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Gin chopping board

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No better way for a gin lover to prepare their favourite gin or tonic with our hard wood chopping board. It makes an ideal present that captures your eye!

 Grab your gin, tonic and garnish and enjoy!

Personalise your board with whatever message you would like e.g. Mum's Gin & Tonic! All boards come with the glass, fruit and ice decor around the edge of the board.

The circular and large round boards are made of wood from a rubber tree and are eco-friendly as it is only used when the trees have finished production and are felled to be replaced by new trees.

Our premium large round boards are made from are made of beech wood.

Approximate size:

Round board 25cmx25cm
Large round board 30cmx30cmx2cm 

Premium large beech round board 30cmx30cmx2cm

Suggested occasions: birthdays, Christmas, weddings, house warming, gift to your hosts, Mother's day Father's day.


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