Whisky cask wood watch stand

Whisky cask wood watch stand

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Our beautiful handmade watch stand is made from repurposed oak whisky barrel wood.

The cask wood watch stand can have a set of initials engraved on the top (up to 5). Please note that the whisky barrel wood will vary in colour and markings due to the natural ageing of the whisky in the oak cask. The underside will show the charring from the inside of the barrel but will not mark or flake.

Approximate sizes for whisky barrel wood watch stands (please note sizes may vary as every watch stand is made from a different whisky stave):

For single 12cm length x 8cm width x 7.5cm height

For double 18cm length x 8cm width x 7.5cm height 

For triple 24cm length x 8cm width x 7.5cm height

We offer various styles:  1 watch, 1 watch & 1 tray, 2 watches, 2 watches & 1 tray or 3 watches. The trays are lined with a leather disc, ideal for holding extra jewellery or change. 

Our watch stand is an ideal present for all occasions including anniversaries, birthdays, Christmas, retirements or just because you like whisky or whiskey!

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