Whisky barrel coffee table

Whisky barrel coffee table

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Oak Whisky Barrel Coffee Table

This bespoke coffee table is made from a solid oak whisky barrel lid and will be a unique treasured possession for years to come. The barrel lids have been handpicked due to their flat tops, making them perfect for a unique coffee table/side table. The reclaimed whisky barrels are sourced from different Scotch Whisky distilleries so they have a great background story and sustainable aspect.

The wood is oiled and varnished to ensure that its good looks are long-lasting. Every side table is made from a different whisky (whiskey) barrel so the colour will vary. These tables have been finished to the highest quality. There are 4 metal black legs which allow the table to be very sturdy.

Part of the charm of old cask wood is the variation in colour, grain and markings. We keep the barrels for some considerable time before we start working on them so that most of the absorbed whisky can evaporate. The wood is then sealed to preserve the colour but there may be a little movement between the sections as the wood is exposed to changes in temperature and humidity. The barrel lid is held together securely at the back.

Approximate diameter 60-70cm.

Sizes may vary slightly as every coffee table is made from a different whisky barrel.

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