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Wedding tree guest book frame

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A beautiful new addition to our personalised wedding guestbook range. Our wooden wedding tree frame is a stunning keepsake and alternative wedding guestbook. Memories and messages from your special day will be framed forever. This unique wooden guest book will make a stunning keepsake in your home. 

The tree allows your guests to sign or write a message on wooden oak veneered hearts which simply slot into the cut out spaces within the frame.

There are two options for the size of the frame and a variety of options for the number of hearts: 

The large frame comes with either 80 hearts, 60 hearts or 42 hearts. The large frame is approximately 750 x 550mm. 

The medium frame comes with either 50 hearts, 36 hearts or 25 hearts. The medium frame is approximately 560 x 460mm. 

The hearts for the large 42 and medium 25 are 65mm x 60mm. The hearts for the large 60 and medium 36 are approximately 50 x 55mm. The hearts for large 80 and medium 50 are approximately 40 x 45mm. The hearts for the mixed 60 are 25 at 50 x 55mm and 35 at 65 x 60mm. 

If anyone is unable to attend they can be sent a heart so that no-one is excluded from the couple's memories of the day.

There is a choice of our handmade solid oak, solid wood walnut finished, grey, ceramic white or ceramic black solid wood frames. The frames come ready with all hanging accessories included in the package.

There is a choice of 9 different colours for the mount board; cream, shadow pink, willow green, holly green, stone grey, crimson, aubergine, twilight blue or black which makes each frame completely suited to the couple's taste. Names and the date of the wedding are engraved below the tree on the banner.

You may choose to add a wooden sign (£7.50 extra) with your titles, surname and date, inviting guests to sign the hearts. We can also engrave Mr & Mr or Mrs & Mrs or first names on the sign, just let us know in the notes if choosing one of these options.

You may also choose to accompany your tree guestbook with a rustic birch pen stand (£20) or solid oak (£25) pen stand which is also a decorative piece to commemorate the special day. The pen stand is engraved with a heart, initials and date and has a hole drilled for a pen (we recommend a fine Sharpie, or similar) for writing on the oak hearts. 

You can also choose your tree guestbook to come with a personalised frame stand (£20) which is useful to have at the venue. You can also purchase two Sharpie pens (£5) so that everything is ready for the wedding day.

If you are uncertain of the date or it could possibly be changed, please write 'date tba' in the wedding date box.

All prices include tracked delivery by courier. 

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