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The handy "hands off" door opener is designed to be used so you do not touch communal objects, which should significantly decrease the spread of Covid-19. The main advantage is that you can neither spread the virus with your hands or be in contact with surfaces which may have the virus on them.

The opener should be cleaned between use by different individuals (or by the same individual if another surface has been touched between uses of the door opener). We would also strongly advise that the opener is cleaned between opening doors/handles or carrying different items to prevent any possibility of surface to surface transmission.

We originally made these for frontline workers at our local children's hospice, as our donation for their great work during these troubling times. We have since seen demand from other groups including postal and courier delivery workers. They should be very useful as well for the general public taking safety precautions. 

This item is ideal for opening doors and post boxes, and for carrying carrier bags, and will easily lift up to 9kg in weight. Made from clear cast acrylic, it can be easily cleaned with alcohol gel (and other sanitisers) and soap and water.

Sizes are approximately 110mm x 90mm x 7mm

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Due to demand and limited stock, colours may vary between clear and white. This product is also not supplied with keyring however we have added a small slot through which you can thread a cord/ribbon or clip your own lanyard on. 


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