Rainbow 'little things' memory box

Rainbow 'little things' memory box

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Right now we are spending a great deal of time with our families or our house mates or in our own company. Have you found little things that, previously, you would have not appreciated? Have you discovered new interests or rediscovered old ones? 

This hanging rainbow memory box is the perfect way to remember moments or activities and to appreciate how life has changed. It may alter how we live in the future.

The memory box is made in two styles, either version will create a lasting reminder of a most unusual time.

One has a post box slot through which you can drop photos, notes, drawings, receipts, board game scores, etc, etc

The other version has a slot through which wooden tokens (heart or circles) are posted. You can write a comment on the token and drop it in and they will stack on top of each other so all the messages can be read. 

If you need to remove anything from inside the frame, the tabs at the back can simply be unfolded and the back removed and replaced again.

There is a choice of black, white or oak effect frames and a choice of background colour of blue, black, grey, pink, red or purple.

Approximate size 255mm x 255mm and 45mm deep for black or oak finish frames.

OR 270mm x 270mm and 60mm deep for the white frame.

Price includes 1st class P&P, express options available as is gift wrapping.





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