Photo wedding guest book with hearts

Photo wedding guest book with hearts

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A stunning new addition to our wedding guestbook range.

With space for a centre piece photo (5 x 7) of the newly weds (or perhaps on the wedding day, an engagement photograph), guests will sign or write a message on clear acrylic hearts which simply slot into the cut out spaces within the frame.

There are three options for the numbers of hearts: 52, 88 or 100 which are suitable for weddings with or 50-100 or 100-150  or 150-200 guests respectively. If any one is unable to attend they can be sent a heart so no-one is excluded from the couple's memories of the day.

There is a choice of our own oak, ceramic white or ceramic black solid wood frames. The frames come ready with all hanging accessories included in the package.

For the background there is a choice of seven colours: grey, cream, black, crimson. aubergine, blue and blush pink which makes each frame completely suited to the couple's taste. Names are engraved above and the date of the wedding  below the photograph.

Also included is a personalised sign with stand inviting your guests to sign a heart as well as tracked delivery by courier.

Approximate size of the frame: 750 x 550mm

Approximate size of the hearts: (52 hearts) 65 x 55mm (88/100 hearts) 50 x 45mm

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