Personalised table plan for weddings and special celebrations

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Perfect for the big day, Stag Design's table seating plan in solid wood oak or white frames will show your guests where to sit to enjoy the celebrations.

The table plan is ideal for last minute updates as all you need to do is place 6 x 4 cards with the table name and guests' names in the appropriate spot (attach to a small wooden board which we design to be in the correct position). For a wedding there is a personalised plaque with the names of the couple and the date.

The frame can be adapted for different numbers of tables up to 12 - if you have more, we can provide a larger frame that will allow up to 16 tables.

There is also a choice of background colour (black, grey, cream, crimson, twilight blue, aubergine and blush pink) to suit your theme or venue. 

The price includes tracked delivery by courier.

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