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Personalised Birthday Board with 25 discs

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Stag Design launches its personalised birthday board! This is a decorative way of remembering your loved ones' birthdays and other important days such as anniversaries, so you will never forget any date again. It can also be used for dates to remember such as bills to pay, car MOT and service, etc, etc.

You hang the board on a tack or nail in the wall (the board is supplied with twine attached) and write the date and name for the birthday or important date on the discs with a permanent pen.  Then you simply hang the disc under the month on which the birthday falls and the magnets do the rest. There are no fiddly attachments.

There are two lines of text which are personalised, it is up to you but we suggest that the top line has your name, family name or purpose (e.g. Jane's, The Smiths or Bills to Pay). The second line gives more detail (e.g. family & friends, important dates). Just fill in the boxes on the top right with your required text, exactly as you want it to be engraved.

Each birthday board comes with 25 oak board discs. Approximate board size is 375mm x 110mm. Oak discs are 28mm diameter.

Please select if you would like a fine Sharpie permanent pen to be included.

1st class postage is included.

If you would like to order more discs after you have bought the board, here is the link:

Patent pending.


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