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Valentine’s Day candle and card gift set

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Our new Valentine's Day candle and personalised card gift set will make a special alternative present on 14th February. 

The tea light candle holder

Our kiln-dried birch slice candle holders are an eye-catching accessory with a Nordic/Scandinavian vibe. The candle holder will have a natural finish. The hole is drilled to fit the glass tea light holder and is supplied with a tea light. 

As they are an organic product, there will be a slight variation in size and colour.  Approximate size of birch slice: 80-90mm diameter (will vary)

Please do not ever leave a burning candle unattended.  Do not place your candle where anything could fall into or over it, this includes children and pets. Do not burn anything else in the tea light holder apart from a tea light.

If you would just like to purchase a birch candle holder in various styles please click on this link: www.stagdesign.co.uk/collections/new-products/products/birch-slice-candle-holder

 The Valentine's Day card

The card is designed in a the shape of a vase of flowers. On the front, Happy Valentines Day is engraved with space for two lines of text underneath.

The flower bouquet post card is made from an oak board which is sealed so, if you would like to, it is possible to add a further handwritten message on the back.  It will be something for the receiver to keep and remember your Valentine wishes for years to come. 

Each card is approximately 13cm x 8.5cm and will come in a white envelope. You have the option to add a stand to be sent out with your card so that the receiver can stand their card up to be displayed. They can either be sent to you or directly to someone else (just complete the correct shipping address at checkout).

Suggestions: Valentine's Day gift or any other special occasion. 

If you would just like to purchase a Valentine's Day card in various styles please click on this link: www.stagdesign.co.uk/collections/valentines-day