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Jigsaw guest book frame for any celebration

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Our premium jigsaw guestbook frame is a stunning keepsake and unique celebration guestbook. These premium jigsaws have two lines of personalisation engraved on the centre jigsaw piece.

Beautiful keepsake and unique memento for any celebration such as a birthday, Christening, funeral, anniversary, leaving parties or naming ceremony.

Your guests will write a memorable message for you to keep forever. You can purchase the jigsaw pieces with or without one of our superb handmade solid oak, solid wood walnut finished, white, grey or black picture frames. The frames come with all fittings for hanging already attached. There is a choice of 10 different colours for the mount board; cream, shadow pink, holly green, willow green, stone grey, crimson, aubergine, twilight blue or black. Please note that if purchased without a frame, the jigsaw does not have a coloured mount board but you can upgrade your jigsaw to come in a kraft brown presentation box. Our premium alternative guest book frames for celebrations stand out for being finishes to the highest quality. 

The alternative jigsaw is made from 4mm oak board and all pieces are engraved on the back with a letter and number for ease of putting together and to help your guests when writing the message. You can compare the layout and shapes of the different sizes in the the diagram in one of the pictures above.

Extra large frame - for 102, 142 or 180 jigsaw pieces, approximate frame size: 800mm x 600mm. Approximate jigsaw size 650mm x 450mm

Large frame - for 40, 78, 102 or 128 jigsaw pieces, approximate frame size: 750mm x 550mm. Approximate jigsaw size 600mm x 415mm

Square frame - for 72 pieces, approximate frame size; 600mm x 600mm. Approximate jigsaw size 450mm x 450mm

Medium frame - for 40 or 72 jigsaw pieces, approximate frame size; 560mm x 460mm. Approximate jigsaw size 430mm x 345mm

Small frame - for 18 or 36 jigsaw pieces, approximate frame size; 450mm x 350mm. Approximate jigsaw size 340mm x 240mm

The individual pieces are different sizes depending on how many pieces in the jigsaw. The sizes below are of the central part of each jigsaw piece.

Small: 18 piece - 56x48mm, 36 piece - 48x40mm

Medium: 40 piece - 54x57mm,  72 piece-  43x43mm

Square: 72 piece - 50x50mm

Large: 40 piece - 75x69mm, 78 piece - 54x51mm, 102 piece - 46x46mm, 128 piece - 43x41mm

Extra large: 102 piece - 50x50mm, 142 piece - 47x41mm, 180 piece - 41x38mm.

We recommend a fine tip Sharpie for writing on your guestbook which can be added in the box above. 

You may also choose to accompany your guestbook with a wooden personalised sign (£5 extra) with a message and instructions for your guests to follow,  a rustic pen stand (£20 extra), or a solid oak pen stand (£25 extra) which is also a decorative piece to commemorate the special day. You can also purchase two fine tipped sharpie pens for an additional £5. You can also purchase a frame stand which will support your guestbook so it can be displayed on a table. 

The pen stand is engraved with initials and date and has a hole drilled for a pen and it is made from kiln-dried silver birch or solid oak.

Please allow 10-14 working days from ordering until delivery, it may be slightly longer at very busy times of the year. If you need a jigsaw more urgently, please contact us, we will do our best to help. We offer an express service of 2-4 working days for an extra £15.

If you have purchased one our our jigsaws without a frame and are now looking to buy the frame, internal mount and background mount please follow this link: www.stagdesign.co.uk/products/jigsaw-guestbook-frame-mount-background-for-72-102-piece-jigsaw-oak-or-white-handmade-solid-wood-frame

If you should lose any pieces or want to replace any, we have a listing for this too:


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