Hook and Ring game

Hook and Ring game

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Our wooden hook and ring game will make a wonderful gift this Christmas. A fun competitive hook and ring toss drinking game that will get everyone in the festive spirit. 

It is a perfect gift this Christmas for your friends or siblings, for your hosts or parents, or anyone else who you know will love to play this game. Suitable for 2 players at a time but why not set up a league! It is a great party game at home or in a bar.  It is easy and fun - we have tested it and it definitely becomes competitive.

The wood is finished to the highest quality. All the main parts of the game (base, stem and top) are made from solid oak and its distinctive style (and no doubt a talking point) is the top and shot ladder which show the charred inside of a whisky cask. Also included are 2 strings, 2 brass hooks and 2 silver circles. It is very easy to assemble and play straight away. 

The whisky cask wood for the top and shot tray are sealed and finished to the highest quality as is the solid oak wood used for the base and stem. It is designed to be long-lasting and sturdy.

Ring Toss Shot Game - Wooden Ring and Hooks Drinking Game with Shot Ladder, Great for Party & Bars, Drinking Game for Adults.

Approximate size for the main part of the game:

Height: 41cm 

Length: 40cm (top)

Width: 9.5cm (base) 

Shot tray/shot ladder: 28cm length x 8cm width.


Base and stem of game - solid oak
Top of game and shot tray ladder -   whisky cask wood (charred black finish) (5 holes to fit a shot glass or miniature bottle in)

Instructions on how to play: (2 player drinking game)

Each player takes a ring, and swing the string trying to land the ring on the hook. Each time you land the hook, move the piece 1 space towards your opponent. When the shot cup/ miniature is removed from the end of the ladder, you win. The player who loses must drink from the cup.

You can play this game as many times as you want, it is a lot of fun!