Family height ruler in oak, personalised

Family height ruler in oak, personalised

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e.g. The Brown family's height ruler

The stylish answer to the marks on the walls and sticks in cupboards! Stag Design's oak veneer height ruler is engraved with either a family name or children's names or any other personalisation.

The ruler is suitable for tiny tots (part one up to 1.15m) or great big grown ups ( with part two up to 2m). They can be bought separately or together.

The ruler is designed to fit flat against the wall above a skirting board and so begins at 15cm although to appear complete we provide a small piece to be attached separately from 0 to 15cm. All you need to do, is measure 15cm from the floor and place the base of the ruler at this point. The ruler is attached to the wall by double sided 'Command strips' which we provide; they are strong and long lasting but do not leave any make on the wall.

Please allow 7 working days from order to dispatch but if you require it more quickly, please email and we will always do our best to fulfil your order on time.

Price includes delivery by tracked courier.

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