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Bottle dropbox guest book

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We present our champagne or wine bottle dropbox guest book. This alternative guestbook is ideal for celebrating at any party and will provide lasting memories.

Your guests will be queuing to write a message on one of the oak bubble tokens (circles) at your celebration and to pop them in the slot at the top of the frame. The bottle label 
will be engraved with your name and the significant date! After all the tokens have been posted the slot is filled with the final piece of the frame to complete the bottle shape. 

We offer two designs for this guest book which are:

Design 1: Script names and date

Design 2:  Bottle label design with names and date and space for a number on the bottle neck.

Perfect for a special birthday or anniversary party or any other important occasion as it will make a beautiful keepsake to remember everyone who was there to celebrate the day.

Beautifully framed in oak or walnut faced board, this dropbox is available with a choice of a coloured or transparent background. There will also be space for a number to be engraved on the bottle neck if you would like that.

There is a choice of 9 different colours of background: cream, holly green, pale peach, coral, stone grey, crimson, aubergine, royal blue or deep black as well as natural oak or walnut.

We recommend a fine tip Sharpie for writing on the circle tokens. The guestbook comes fitted with a hinge on the back so it can be hung on the wall straight away!

The front can be removed quickly with ease in case you want to rearrange or remove any of the hearts. The tokens are made from oak faced board and depending on the event can be signed by individuals or one per couple or family.

You may also choose to accompany your guestbook with a rustic round birch pen stand (£20 extra), or a solid square oak pen stand (£25 extra) which is also a decorative piece to commemorate the special day. The pen stand is engraved with a heart, initials and date.

You can also purchase two fine tipped Sharpie pens for an additional £5 and a frame stand which will support your guestbook so it can be displayed on a table for £10. 

The size is approximately:  840mm x 300mm.

There are 55 tokens which are mixed in size: large 55mm diameter and medium 45mm diameter.

Delivery by courier is included and it normally takes about 10-14 working days from order to dispatch.

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