Beer to do list decider and bottle cap holder

Beer to do list decider and bottle cap holder

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Introducing our new beer bottle shaped to do list decider game, doubles up as a bottle cap holder - will make the perfect gift for all the beer lovers to display your beer caps and for those who need help deciding what activity to do next!(Luckily gravity always allows it to land on the correct and best option)

This quirky, unique wooden bottle wall hanging sign comes with an arrow point that actually spins and lets you see what task you should do next.

It makes an excellent gift for a friend, father, son, grandfather, godfather, Christmas present, birthday present or anyone who just LOVES beer. 

The design securely holds standard beer caps. The beer bottle cap sign has a hanger on the back of it to allow it to be hung onto the wall.  

Please fill out the personalisation box with the message you would like engraved as the top line on the bottle e.g. Nick's to do list. 

The options on the beer bottle for different jobs are (starting at the top and moving clockwise) cut the grass, DIY in the house, drink beer and take the bins out!

The beer cap sign holds 9 beer caps.   

Approximate size: 35x12cm.

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