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Whisky wood briquettes

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Our whisky wood briquettes make great fuel for wood burners, open fires, fire pits, smokers, chimeneas and pizza ovens. 

The briquettes are made entirely of oak wood from Scotch single malt whisky casks. They are manufactured into logs and make a great alternative to traditional firewood logs. Even better, no trees are cut down as this is a 100% recycled product, each cask having first been used to hold sherry and/or whisky for many years, then repurposed into new items with the byproducts made into briquettes.

They are easy to light and can provide a long lasting fire as they have excellent burn qualities and can be used in the same way as you would with small logs. The moisture content is less than 5%. Smaller pieces are used as kindling to encourage the flame and larger pieces are used when fire begins to establish.

They are compact and easy to store. Each order is delivered in a cardboard box containing the briquettes in kraft paper bags (all of which can be recycled after use).

Approximate weight: 4kg of briquettes. 

It's time to get the BBQ out!

Sourced from: Whisky Fire Wood