Triple or quadruple whisky wood flight for glasses

Triple or quadruple whisky wood flight for glasses

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Whether you are having a quiet dram on your own or sharing a favourite whisky with one or more friends, the whisky wood flight is just right for pouring and serving.

The flights have indents designed to hold the classic Glencairn tasting glass and are lined with copper coloured inserts. The copper colour reflects beautifully up through the glass.

There is also the choice to have either the varnished outer natural oak or sealed charred interior of the casks on show.

Please note that the whisky barrel wood will vary in colour and markings due to the natural ageing of the whisky in the oak cask. The charred side is from the inside of the barrel but will not mark or flake.

The natural oak whisky stave tealight holders can be personalised with an engraving in the bottom right hand corner (a maximum of 5 characters). The charred oak whisky stave tealight holders can also be personalised with an engraving on the side of the stave in the centre. Examples of engravings are initials, a name or the stag logo. Whether you like whisky or whiskey, it will be a dram fine addition to the home.

Options include the number of indents for glasses (three or four) and also to purchase tasting glasses with the stag logo.

Approximate sizes: Three glasses, 280 x 80-100mm, Four glasses, 380 x 80-100mm

We also have an option to have a flight that has indents for two glasses and one larger indent for a bottle (see photo). 

This is the listing for our single or double flights:


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