Personalised bottle glorifier with LED up light

Personalised bottle glorifier with LED up light

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Our brand new personalised bottle glorifier with LED up light. The bottle glorifier can either be made from solid oak or solid walnut. There is a LED up light in the middle which has a reversible gold or silver sheet that your bottle sits on. 

You can personalise your glorifier with a message on the front and back of the base (We will engrave exactly what you write so please make sure it is the correct grammar and spelling).

The glorifier can either be made to hold one bottle or two bottles. 

Approximate size: One bottle 120mm x 120mm x 35mm. Two bottles 230mm x 120mm x 35mm. 

The glorifier is large enough to fit most round bottles (100mm diameter).

Requires 3 AAA alkaline batteries for one bottle and 6AAA alkaline batteries for two bottles. 

Please note that the champagne bottle is not included in this price. 

Includes 1st class P&P. 

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