Whisky stones and handmade gift box

Whisky stones and handmade gift box

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A set of 8 whisky stones made from granite, ideal for keeping your dram and other beverages cool without diluting. Simply pop them in the freezer for four hours prior to use. The set comes with a velvet storage pouch and a handmade whisky wood personalised gift box. 

An ideal addition to barware, these granite stones will maintain their shape and function after multiple uses.

The handmade gift box is made from oak whisky cask wood and it can be personalised on the right hand corner of the front with the owner's initials. The box lid is secured with two magnets and opens to reveal a space for the stones to be stored when not being used. The box always doubles up as a coaster for your favourite dram in a glass, whisky or whiskey bottle to sit on. 

Suggestions: birthday, anniversary, Christmas present, gifts for groomsmen, whisky drinkers or even a gift for yourself.

Approximate dimensions: H2 x W2 x D2cm (Each stone) 

Grey granite dry stones, are lightweight and reusable for all beverages. Black pouch with drawstring and solid oak whisky wood gift box.

Designed to quickly chill without dilution, this set of grey granite cubes will keep the taste of liquor intact. Non-porous and lightweight, these stones can be stacked into the velvet pouch with a drawstring.

Visit our full whisky wood collection here: www.stagdesign.co.uk/collections/whisky-wood-collection

Please note doesn't include bottle or glass.