Seconds leather hip flask

Seconds leather hip flask

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Our new Seconds hip flask makes the perfect keepsake gift for a special birthday, your Best man, Groomsmen, Father of the Bride or Groom, graduation, retirement or even just a gift for yourself. 

This stunning hip flask, available in black, brown or tan leather and engraved with the name and details of your choice depending on the design you choose. All flasks are made from stainless steel and real leather. 

The hip flask holds 6oz of a favourite tipple and is ideal for wedding nerves or outdoor pursuits! It slips into a pocket easily yet holds enough to make it worthwhile. 

What is a second?
All flasks are inspected before it leaves us. When an item is classified as a second the fault or faults may be in the finish or the shape. The faults are not structural (i.e. each piece still functions as intended and is useable).

Suggested occasions: birthdays, Father's day, graduation, anniversary, retirement, leaving present, Christmas.


Hip Flask Care Guide
Your hip flask is designed to carry alcoholic spirits. It should not be used for beverages with an acid content such as fruit juices, cordials etc. The flask will provide years of use if you follow a few simple guidelines.
1. Before first use, clean the inside with warm water and washing up liquid. Rinse thoroughly.
2. Between uses, clean and allow to dry.
3. Hip flasks are designed for short term storage. Drink contents within a couple of days
Drink aware. Cheers!

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